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David (member # 90) - 1977 Z1000 A1, 1942 HD, 1972 Ducati

I have 3 bikes at present and I doubt if I will sell them.

1977 KAWASAKI Z1000 A1
I purchased the bike in October 2012 from Newcastle from an ad in Ebay.  I have problems with kick starting machinery due to my knees and my wife suggested I acquire/sell some bikes/etc to get an electric start model.  I had a Z1000 A1 about 30 yars ago and decided to get the same type of model. I bought the bike through Ray Smith (A Z Owner) as my funds were not available when I bike was for sale.  We went down to Newcastle to purchase the bike and bring it back to the Gold Coast.  The bike was fully rebuilt with receipts for $6000 and this does not include the paint job which was the same colour but in a candy apple scheme.  The bike was rebuilt and kept for about 10 years by an enthusiast who only did about 5000 klms on Historic Registration. The bike had a separate high beam/low beam relay on board and a 110 watt halogen globe.   I changed back to a halogen globe and standard wiring.  The bike is immaculate with new spokes and rims, a Tranzac exhaust, electronic ignition and everything else was polished.  I replaced the standard high handlebars (with the wiring inside the bars) to low rise types and keep an electronic log of parts, fuel and trips.  I have done about 7500 klms and get about 53 MPG!!!  I joined the Z Owners club in October 2012 and have been on numerous runs with the Kawasaki.  I replace the oil and filter every time and have changed the chain and sprockets.  I intend to keep the bike for ever.
This is a fairly original bike that was restored in the 1950's or so as it was an Australian Police bike and the frame was hand painted over the original army police drab paint.  The front forks have been chromed and the tanks spray painted black.  All I done over the past 25 years is replace the pistons and a few bearings in the wheels and seat post.  I have a lot of NOS parts on the bike and it still runs great. I keep the bike running and use it regularly.  I am still to restore the bike completely when it stops but it just keeps keeps going so it looks "as is."

I bought this bike from a friend who got it from Concord NSW (around the corner from where I used to live!!).  The story goes that the bike was originally from Gowanlochs and was used for parts as all spares came from Italy and took over 3 months to arrive.  The bike was purchased and built up by a Ducati enthusiast for his wife.  She only rode the bike a few yards and fell of breaking an arm (and then having some kids and forgetting about the bike).  The husband was killed on a Hailwood replica Ducati and the wife fell on hard times. "Friends" turned up and took several parts off the bike (Desmo head and piston) and replaced then with more sedate parts.  The bike was eventually sold as a secured loan to the person in Concord NSW who is a friend of my mate from Tugun.  He bought the bike and returned to Tugun with a view of restoring it but couldn't start it. I purchased the bike and eventually replaced some parts to make it look like a Desmo again.  I have had the bike for about 10 years.

I have had motorcycles since I was 19 and intend to keep riding until I have my licence taken away by old age.  I enjoy riding with friends in the Club and ride around Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

Leon (member # 30) - 1975 A4 Z900

My Bike is a 10/75 build A4 Z900. Purchased at Kawasaki Territory Parramatta Rd Sydney 21/11/75.  Original Diamond Green, engine number ZE099861, chassis number ZF095476, rego S1769, registered to 3/3/14.

I have owned the bike since new, 46,000 original k's, original warranty card and purchase reciept.  The pics with the 4 bikes was taken at Woolongong in January 1976 and the 3 bikes at the 40th bash in vic last year!  36 years apart same bikes sames mates! One bike, a 1974 Z1A met a firey death about 20 years ago!

The two pics directly below were taken on 22/11/75.

Karl (member # 80) - 1973 Z1 900

Hi All


My bike is a Concourse 1973 Z1 900 which I have had for about 18 months.  It was totally restored from the ground up by Carl Norling (Hunter Valley).  The bike has won a couple of trophies, Best Japanese restoration Healesville Classic show, Best Jap bike Nthn Beaches historic show Townsville, but is also my weekly ride and I go on runs with mates and also the Townsville restored motorcycle club.


Some Info: Frame No Z1F-15180 Engine No. Z1E-15349 Bike spent all of its previous life in the Hunter River Valley and I am the third owner.  All original except seat which is a reproduction from Z1 enterprises.  New rings on a standard bore, no detail missed has the yellow quality control dots in all the right places, plastic cylinder numbers for the plug leads, all instruments professionally rebuilt, chrome by Hamilton chrome.  Complete down to the chain oiler.  Done just over 500 miles since rebuild.


I look after the basics but if it needs anything serious I take it to Clark Camp as I am just a bush mechanic, so I leave it to the master.  I have had many bikes over the years, both on and off road, European and Japanese but love this the best.  Z’s rule!


Darryl (member # 28) - Z1000

"I have always loved the Z900 and Z1000s and finally had the opportunity to buy one.  I bought the bike in Sydney sight unseen (had it checked out by a Kawasaki dealer first though) in 2010 and rode it home to Gladstone.  The bike was sold new in Gosford and lived most of its life in the Newcastle/Sydney area.  I was lucky enough for the previous owners to keep the original owner’s manual.  I am amazed how popular these bikes still are as whenever I park it somewhere there is usually somebody waiting for me to return to have a chat about it."

Sludge (member # 69) - 1975 Z900

Miguel (member # 3) - Z1000A

"Only those with a long history with the club will be familiar with this bike.  It spends more time under restoration than it does on the road.  My third bike, this one I purchased from the original owner in 1987, 24 years ago.  Bike has a custom made fairing, seat, sidecovers and ductail.  Custom paintwork is harlequin metal flake over silver duco, sealed with 6 coats of 2pac clear.  Silver powdercoated frame, engine is silver and upholstery is silver.  Swing arm polished aluminium, wheel are polished alloy with stainless spokes and hubs are powdercoated silver.  I love it!"


Miguel - 1980 Z1000H

"This is a 1980 Z1000H.  Currently pawned to another Z Owner through neccessity, we're soon to be re-united.  Some day I will restore it to its former fuel injected glory!"


Miguel - 1981 Z1300

"This was my 1981 Z1300, much modified (tastefully).  CBX style fairing with custom screen, twin saddle seat, fibreglass panniers and topbox, custom made towbar with checkerplate pillion running boards, and custom made trailer.  It had Stainless Exhaust with supertrap mufflers, fluid clutch conversion and GPZ1000RX front brakes.  Another casualty of my financial instability it was replaced with another one the exact same model."