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Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser lost his battle with cancer on the 25th of March. After speaking with Bruce a few weeks prior to his passing and although ill from the aggressive therapy he was still optimistic. Of course I was shocked to hear of his passing, as were the other club members.

Bruce joined the club on the fourth of August, in 1994 and was one of our most active members, participating in almost everything we did. Also an active member of the “Motorcycle Sportsmans Club”, Bruce never missed the opportunity to man the gate at the Lakeside events. And it was there on the gate where Bruce came up with the original idea for the “Dr Bruce” column in the magazine, which eventually became “Dr Zed” (Because he didn’t like the notoriety).

Bruce broke his leg in an accident, which kept him from ever riding again, though he never really gave up on the idea. His beloved Z1000ST remained his possession and not until recently did he ever entertain the notion of parting with it, needless to say when he did he was determined that it go to someone with the same passion for it as he had. Although Bruce resigned from the club in January of ’99 I still caught up with him on a semi – regular basis at the racetrack, where he continued to donate his time unselfishly.

Farewell DR. Bruce

"Upon arrival at the service I asked some-one if she was Bruce's family and she replied no, I thought you guys were Bruce's family."

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