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On the 18 April 2014 Z Owners club members Ray SMITH and David JOACHIM went to Broadford Victoria to the Annual Broadford Motorcycle Spectacular. This year the Castrol Six Hour motorcycle road race was featured at the Victoria Motor Park as well as Speedway, Trial and Enduro motorcycles.

Our main involvement centered on the Castrol Six Hour race bikes, replicas and riders from past events. Ray trailered down Joe EASTMURE’s race winning Suzuki 315 (2 stroke twin) and we spoke to him and were introduced to many former riders and enthusiasts.

Ray Smith entered his Z1B Team Avon winner (replica) for both display and road events over the weekend. Ray’s bike was in the main enclosure and was ridden in various events including the Castrol Six Hour events and the Novice (non racing) events.

The riders in the Castrol Six Hour events included Graeme CROSBY, Kevin MAGEE, Joe EASTMURE Jeff SALE and numerous others who rode machinery or just came to look.

A Z Owners banner was displayed at the man campsite and Ray also wore a Z Owners T shirt when riding (see photos in the photo gallery).

Many enthusiasts and riders of the modern era of race bikes entered in the events.

It was pleasing to see that Kawasaki motorcycles featured prominently in the winner’s circles and certainly were the bike to have to draw the crowds.

The Z Owners Club banner attracted a current member (Billy from Coffs Harbour) and another rider who just purchased and road a Kawasaki Z900 and is from Townsville. Both are going to participate in events this year. The Townsville rider is going to join the Club on his return.

We got some nice photos of former riders and great Kawasaki machinery.

Traffic was light considering the events was over Easter but we were going against the general run and there were little or no trucks to contend with.

A great weekend was had and the Kawasaki Z models are certainly synonymous with road racing and with riders memories.

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