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WOW, 15 bikes showed up at the Caltex on Sunday 21 February for the Z Owners monthly ride. I was the ride leader and decided to use corner marking so no-one got lost. It was a pretty warm day so when given the option of stopping at the Mt Mee lookout for a coffee, or the D’Aguilar pub for a beer, it took the group a nano second to vote for the pub.

We headed off at 10:30am down Linkfield Road toward Clear Mountain. On Clear Mountain Road some clown in a brand new canary yellow Hyundai Veloster had taken a corner too fast, over corrected, and ended up in the trees. The car was a write off by the look of it but no-one was seriously hurt which was a good thing. The black skid marks on the wrong side of the road indicated it could have been nasty if we left 10 minutes earlier.

The beer was cold at the Dag Pub and the conversation was lively. Some chump left his keys in the pub and he accused everyone of grabbing them before finally discovering they were behind the bar. Lucky for him that everyone waited, but they had no choice because the ride leader was last to leave the bar. No prize for guessing who the chump was.

On the other side of Woodford we turned left onto Neurum Road, which is a good short cut to Kilcoy. You can usually twist the throttle without too much worry but lucky for the ride leader a biker heading in the other direction gave a warning to slow down. Sure enough a couple of minutes later we passed the cops. Lucky we weren’t speeding or we would all have been in trouble.

The top pub in Kilcoy is always good value for a feed and they didn’t disappoint. The typical pub meals were not overpriced and came out quickly. We all sat on the back deck on one long table. The quote of the day came when Con sat next to Jackie, leaving no room for Nev. When someone quipped that Con was trying to pick her up, Con said in a flash “No way, she’s too high maintenance for me”. A classic Con one liner that had everyone in stiches.

After we left Kilcoy we rode around Somerset Dam and planned to stop at the intersection of Somerset Road and the road over Mt Glorious. “You mean bull-shit corner”, said Beno. It didn’t take long for everyone to realise what he meant; you know, the wanabees who have to talk it up after riding over Glorious and have a pissing competition before heading back!!!

Beno headed off through Fernvale as he needed to get back to the Coast in a hurry and the rest of us took on the mountain with the reward of a cold beer at Samford on offer if we made it. Ray accounted for everyone not long after we arrived so we celebrated a great ride before heading home.

Thank you to the following guests who joined us on the ride:

  • Klaus Ross

  • Ryan Archbold

  • Jasper Maass

  • Neville and Jackie Deysel

  • Darryl and Cindy Beauvalet

  • Kath Kerrison

  • Russell Hunter

If you enjoyed our company you’ll love Conondale, so we’ll see you there.

We have done the ride a number of times now but I never get sick of it because there is a good mix of twisties and great scenery along the way. Let’s lock it in for next year!!!



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