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Ray's Ride

The first Z Owners ride of 2016 by S.E. Qld members was my Ride to my place at Ashmore.

The ride was scheduled for Saturday 16th January but due an approaching rain front on the Friday night, I decided the switch to the next day, Sunday. Due to our web page ride register I was able contact all interested members and informed them of the change. Sunday did turn out to be a better day and we met at BP servo at Yatala at 9am.

10 members & 3 visitors turned up. The members... John H.. my Z1R Z1000 Mk1, Beno... ELR Z1000 ,Mick D.. Z1000H, Mick H... GTR1000,Dave J..Z1000A1, Jon S.. Z1300 , Rodger..ZZR1100R, myself Z1B900, John W.. Suzuki Boulevard , Garry C.. BMW K1300S. Visitors were... Eric L..Honda CB900 F2 Bol Dor, Merrill L.. Honda CB750F Bol Dor (Mr & Mrs Bol Dor), Beno’s mate Darren ZX10.

With Beno ride leader & myself tail end Charlie with left Yatala approx 9:35am. We head up Mt Tamborine ,down Henri Roberts Drive , through the Calagrabar twisties them up to Lower Beechmont.

We had a smoko break at the cafe there. Haz was hungry (see Photo). Then we rode over Upper Beechmont & down past the Canungra Army Camp then back to my place at Ashmore via Mt Nathan. I had my other 6 Kawasaki’s parked out in the street on display. My Hondas , Yamahas & Army bikes where displayed in the back yard.

Greeting us was member Con C. ZXR1200R & his son Casey on my Yamaha XT600 army bike. Casey was on his L’s . With them was Cons mate, Ian.. Yamaha XJR1300 & a young lady from Bryon Bay, Tara , Yamaha XJ600naked sports, whom they had just met at the Moball Cafe. I had cold drinks ready in the garage. Most mingled & looked at the Kawasaki collection which now included the Z1R & Z1B, making 8 altogether. I fired up the BBQ & my thanks to Jon S... for cooking the snags.

Interest was also shown in my bike collection by the young lady Tara. If only I was 30years younger.... After lunch everyone headed for home. My thanks to John(Haz) Harris for coming down from Townsville again this year.

Hope all had a good time & all things being equal, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel next year....



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