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Dewey's Memorial Ride

Well the G.C. Chapter ( Con, Ray and myself) met at Canungra, for a leisurely breakfast before heading off to Beaudesert, to meet up with everyone else.

Justin and Gary arrived and shortly we were joined by Neville and Jackie and Daryl and Cindy.

So we headed off to Kyogle, where we topped up with fuel and met up with Daryl Thomson and Dave Joachim (who were there already). We had lunch at the Bakery (after losing an hour crossing the Border).

The sky was looking pretty dark down South, but no-one donned the wet weather gear (because we know that it would've pissed down for sure).

At this stage it could've been called the Moses Ride, not because of the gloomy weather, but the fact that we seemed to all be in pairs, we had a pair of Z1B's (Ray and I), a pair of Z1000's (Daryl and Dave), a pair of BMW's (Gary and Justin) and a pair of Yamaha FJ1300's (Nev and Daryl) and then there was CON.

So we took off and only had a slight drizzle of rain, but the roads were wet in patches.

At one stage we thought Ray had been possessed by the Speed Demon as he came passed everyone and shot off into the distance (explaining to us later that his Zed just wanted to keep going faster). Rumour has it that he actually went over the speed limit?????

Anyway we re-grouped at Grafton (first beer at the Blue Pub) and proceeded onto Grafton.

When we arrived there the idea was to fuel up before heading to the Pub, to settle in for the night, but Justin did his usual couple of laps around a roundabout (to check that everyone was there) and the group became disorientated and bikes went everywhere!!

We eventually ALL ended up at the Hotel, where after checking in, booked a table for dinner and settled in for the evening. The Hotel was great, the staff very friendly and the food was spot on. After dinner we retired to the Lounge/Bar area and had a few ales remembering our dear Honorary Member, Septic, and had a couple of toasts on his behalf. The night went on, with the USUAL banter and was enjoyed by all.

In the morning we all mounted up, rode around the corner and had a hearty breakfast at a Café/Restaurant.

We returned via Lismore, Bangalow, did a quick blast through the Burringbar Ranges, through Murwillumbah and the Numinbah Valley then stopped at Advancetown Pub for a debrief (final beer) and said our farewells and we all departed on our separate ways from there.

It was a great ride and a great weekend, just a little disappointing with the lack of numbers, but you get that.

Anyway, see you on the next ride.


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