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Z 900's

The first Z900?s came out in the USA in the May of 1972 known as the ?New York steak?. The Z1 were officially out in the UK in 1972-73 and had a distinct black engine, it came in candy brown/orange or candy green/yellow, in 1974 it was known as the Z1A came in the same colours with a different style but now with a silver finished engine, in 1975 the Z1B was produced and was very similar to the Z1A apart from a colour change, it was candy super blue or candy super red and lastly in 1976 the Z900A4 was produced which came out in diamond green or diamond brown but with a braking upgrade as it had twin disks up front, the earlier models all had the lugs on the forks, the twin disk was an expensive option, all variations had a drum rear brakes and this was the end of the run before the Z1000A1 was produced this came out with rear disk brake, twin disks up front and the exhaust was changed from a 4 into 4, to a 4 into 2.

The New King Kawasaki Z1000

Everything you want to know about the new King Kawasaki ZlOOO.

Kawasaki has had a winning superbike in the Z900 for four years but all that time its successor was being developed to be a bigger and better Z machine.  Now the ZlOOO is here.  Kawasaki's Chief Engineer "Ben" Inamura tells you how it was done through planned engineering evolution.

Moveover Z900, new King Kawasaki ZlOOO is here!

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Two Wheels Magazine Article - November, 1972

Here for the first time in the world, TWO WHEELS presents the full details, first pictues and specifications of Kawasaki’s super sports tourer…. SUPER 4 900 Power Sensation!

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