Z Owners Queensland


Motorcycle Club

All owners of Kawasaki Z series models are invited to be part of the club.

Social members are also welcome no matter what they ride.

If you wish to join the Queensland Z-Owners please print out and complete the membership form, attach a cheque or money order for $50, and send it to:

121 North Road


Life Members

The Club honours members who have given at least 5 years of outstanding service with Life Membership.  Nominations for Life Membership are made by a unanimous resolution of the Committee and endorsed at the Annual General Meeting.  Our Life Members are:

Conrad Jones

Jon Speldewinde

Ken Atkins

Mike Du-Hamel

Michael De Marchi

Justine Eiszele

Con Schuit

Rodney Josephson

Club Presidents

Current              Alan Snell

2014 to 2016        Peter Benson             

2012 to 2013        Michael De Marchi

2010 to 2011        Con Schuit

2007 to 2009        Michael De Marchi

2006 to 2007        Justin Eiszele

2004 to 2006        Zac Zuiderduin

1999 to 2004        Jon Speldewinde

1997 to 1999        Mike Du-Hamel

1996 to 1997        Conrad Jones

Club Man of the Year

2016          Ray Smith

2013   David and Dianne Humphrys 

2012          Nigel Wilkie

2011          Kelly Applegate

2010          John "Watto" Watson 

2009          Gary "B Double" Crane

2008          Michael "Sludge" De Marchi

2005          Wal Clarke

2004          Zac Zuiderduin

2003          Michael Hockley

2002          Sid Young

2001          Conrad Jones

2000          Ken Atkins

1999          Michael "Sludge" De Marchi

1998          Jon Speldewinde